The Best Via Ferrata Equipment For Great Adventures Outdoor

First, I want to introduce to you, what the sport called Klettersteig Gehen”, also called Via Ferrata¬† what in really is called.

You should be not wondering, as it is often called in the German and in the international way to be described.

Most will usually know the standard way to go to the top of the mountain: walk or climb.

But Via Ferrata is something different.

In this , you are attached to a steel rope with goes from the top of the mountain to the bottom. So the most difficult routes are secured.

Some of those Klettersteig are also secured in the full length. Which in fact requires you to use the steel rope as means of getting to the top your hands, feet and lot of power.

For this mountain sport, you should use special gear which will be now shown to you

Via Ferrata Set

  • This set is used in case you should drop. Dropping is not adviced as every fall with leave you with bruises or broken bones! So step carefully

You could check out this German site and their famous Klettersteigset Test to give you some ideas, which via ferrata set is good or not. The guy shows you what to look out for.


A special helmet is required. Those are different then ones you use on your bike. They are reinforced to withstand hard hits with rocks and are very stable.

You should never go without! Even wearing Ski Helmets is not a good idea!

Climbing Harness

You can use a normal harness which is available in most stores only. Be sure it is brand new and not used, to maximize longelevity and safety. Thou will not want to use a old one as it could rip.

And the set is only there to secure your life.


Wear gloves. As they protect your hands as you often have to grip the steel rope! Bleeding hands are a sign of being cheep at the wrong place.


Robust shoes are needed. Some routes can be gone with standard climbing shoes. Though, as most of those Klettersteig are only acccessible via walking to them, and also contain some parts where walking in the route is required, you would be better to carry and wear a standard hiking boot.